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How can I help you?

Please note: This portfolio is outdated and I'm not actively looking for engagements until further notice. I leave it here for reference.

My name is Hugo Schotman, User Experience Professional (UX), Interaction Designer and iOS App Developer. I am passionate about figuring out how things work, how to improve existing products and to invent new ones. I connect people with solutions in a useful, usable and engaging way.

How I work

My UX toolbox is filled with many methods, techniques and processes. I have worked in all phases of product development: Analysis, Design, Implementation and Live deployment. A good overview of the User Centered Design process which covers several of my competencies comes in the form of a poster [PDF 1.6 MB] from the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).

Working on an Interaction Design I typically start with low-fidelity sketches. Depending on requirements and constraints I then work on wireframes, mockups, visual designs and prototypes. (With varying visual fidelity.)

Sketches & mockups

Teaser sketches


Teaser wireframes


Teaser prototype

This website

Built with Ruby on Rails and several open source components, this website is fully responsive so you should get an optimal experience on most devices and screen sizes.
 How this website was built


Examples of work in the context of companies and projects.