About this website

My aim for this site is to show a decent responsive design and a website implemented using several commonly used Open Source technologies.

Front End

Foundation framework

Foundation offers a customizable responsive grid system for targeting any screen size or device and several modules for common types of User Interface elements.


Foundation's Interchange module takes care of loading just the kinds of images your device needs: svg vector-based images for devices that support it, retina images for high-dpi screens and fallback images for everything else.

Jquery logo
Jquery logo notype


The Javascript framework of choice for Foundation, jQuery offers a lot of utility functions and support for multiple browsers.

Back End

Ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails

The main framework for this website. Most of the other technologies are added through Gems. A Gem automates the installation and management of a Rails module or other technology.


Heroku logo


Heroku is a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) supporting several programming languages. This site uses the Ruby on Rails platform hosting.